We are the trend-makers
in development
We create top projects that are a synthesis of investment,
consulting and product experience.
Liquid, profitable, and very well thought out for your comfort.
10 markets in 10 years
We associate ourselves with our projects
Each of our products is comprehensively elaborated: location, architecture, equipment, quality of materials, technology, usability, infrastructure.
We create products for people not just construct buildings.
Smart Development
build for peace
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
"Extensive experience as an investor, consultant, and product-owner in 100+ largest real estate projects has given me the opportunity to create projects in which I would want to live myself."
Vladimir Tribrat
Founder of Asterna
Sales consultant for international development projects: 10 markets/100+ projects/10 years.

Managing partner of the investment club since 2015.

Many years of international experience in real estate allows to create products of the future.

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Meet Our Team
Smart Development
Mikhail Sboev
Architectural Engineering & Design Management of project in Kyiv


Maksim Malyuchenko

General Contractor
Construction project management in Kyiv (from groundbreak to its completion, providing the materials, labor, and equipment)


Andriy Svystun
Technical Supervisor
Technical supervision of construction works in Kyiv


Michalis Syrigos

Architect Engineer
Construction management & architectural design in Athens

Irina Sakhanda

Project Assistant
Administrative support in project coordination

Michail Deverakis

Legal Representative Athens
The best locations based
on in-depth analysis
We select and evaluate country, city, neighborhood, and land from the standpoint of living comfort, investment prospects, and liquidity.

We create a product that is relevant to any market.
Lots of numbers and research
Taste and style in architecture
We think through the look of each project. We involve experienced architects. We use only an exclusive individual approach.
Owners are proud of living in our buildings
Instagrammable. Premium building design.
Panoramic windows
Innovative facades
European style
Maximum sunlight
Low-rise building infrastructure
Everything you need for a 100% cozy place
We create an eco-system within the projects, develop a culture of covenant and neighborliness, and instill sense of community in our residents.
Attention to detail
We know our target audience: we work through customer profiles and several types of layouts
We think through the location of the buildings and commercial, residential, sports and social infrastructure
We create transport and pedestrian road networks, playgrounds, pets walking trails, etc.
Pay less for high quality
We control the quality of construction at all stages
Competent management
We have developed our own framework called «18 Stages of Efficient Development Project Creation»
We comply with the declared delivery deadlines
We have many years of accumulated international experience
A unique combination of competencies
We have been helping the biggest European developers create their projects in different countries for different audiences for the past 10 years.
We have vast consulting experience in real estate development in Ukraine or Greece
All our projects are profitable
Own investment
fund equity
Zero credit
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us
Club House
Athens, Greece
Apartments with fit-out
Start of construction: 4Q 2023
Completion: 1Q 2024

B-Club is private real estate investment community

“Club's strategy is to search and acquire highly liquid assets with outstanding value upside in European countries within 2-4 years investment horizon”




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Contact us
Feel free to write, call and visit us.
Athens, Greece
+30 693 961 81 42

7 Marathonodromon Str,
Kallithea 17671, Attica GR
Kyiv, Ukraine
+38 098 066 77 77

London, United Kingdom
+44 7766 257435

Чего не могут позволить себе крупные девелоперы в гонке за тем, чтобы выжать из одного участка земли как можно больше этажей.
К примеру, принципиально не используем газобетон, а только кирпич.
Постоянный технический контроль и участие.

About The Company

From Its Founder

I/we create very different residential projects. Athens, Kiev, and Limassol are among our latest developments. We work with different budgets and fundamentally different constraints (reconstruction in the downtown, a luxury apartment hotel by the sea, or a suburban greenfield). Nevertheless, I have a key "existential" requirement for all my projects - I am ready to live in them myself! This inner willingness fundamentally changes the approach to project development and the way I make decisions on major issues and minor details. 

It is logical that 90% of buyers at the early stages of our projects are people close to us. 

There are also disadvantages to this approach: not everyone shares my preferences in style. I often go over budget (especially during repairs), opt for lower buildings, and ready to give up elevators and parking in favor of two-wheelers and walking... 

The question arises - is it possible to do 100 projects with this approach? Definitely not. This way, it will become a traditional scaling and "squeezing" of every inch of the purchased land plot. I call our niche lifestyle development or creation of projects for myself + like-minded people. This approach is missing in all major cities. Moscow, Kiev, Dubai – I am sure that our grandchildren will not want to live in a jungle that big players have built for the last 20 years... They will have to tear them down! And their creators themselves hardly ever live in them. 

I used to think differently. I had doubts, I believed that Moscow City, Dubai Marina, and other similar projects were cool. The last time I lived in a building over 8 stories high was in Dubai in 2014. I lived on the 64th floor, I thought I was going to enjoy it. Alas, every ride in the elevator was a challenge for my body. After that, I do not live and do not recommend anyone to live in high-rise buildings. 
Our new 2021 projects near Kiev and in Athens. The budget per meter is 7 times (!) different. However, this should not affect quality of life: 3-4-story buildings, large balconies, floor to ceiling windows, few neighbors, windows that let in a lot of sunlight, operated roof, and kitchen living room combo. In short – a perfect place to live.
"18 Stages of Efficient Development Project Creation"
  1. Analysis of the territory or the land plot. 
  2. Analysis of the competitive environment. Internal and external checks.
  3. Determination of the project's target audience. 
  4. Territory zoning. Terms of reference for the master plan. 
  5. Phasing of the territory. Defining the deadlines and scope of each phase implementation. 
  6. Apartment layouts: wide range, various areas and proportions of apartments. 
  7. Composition of social, domestic, and sports infrastructure and methods of monetization.
  8. Calculation of the parking spaces availability ratio (aboveground and underground). 
  9. Methods of organization of transport and pedestrian road networks.
  10. Recommended elements of the project. 
  11. Determination of the project's competitive advantages. 
  12. Mechanism for future project management: internal/external property management company and composition of services provided.
  13. Pricing: revenue part of the project.
  14. Expense part of the project: costs.
  15. Financial modeling.
  16. Development of the project brand - name, logo, corporate identity.
  17. Preparation of investment memorandum for investors and partners. 
  18. Marketing oversight of the concept implementation (monthly).
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